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Plant-based hard shell

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  • Ultra-durable, plant-based hard shell
  • Lightweight magnesium telescopic tubes
  • Fully recycled fabrics, zippers and bio-filled handles
  • Made in Europe
  • Next generation discount of 30% for everyone under the age of 30

BioX, the patented Circle One hard shell is plant-based and features a multiaxial and multi-density flax-fibre weave. Flax is Europe’s strongest and most productive renewable fibre – suspended in a bio-based support matrix, its tensile strength is three times higher than that of aluminium. Complete with fully recycled fabrics and zippers, the luggage also boasts seed and nutshell-infused handles and a magnesium telescope.
For cleaning tips, check out our Care Guide.

Width x Height x Depth: 40cm x 55cm x 23cm
Volume: 35.5L
Weight: 2.7kg

A New Dawn

As we enter a new era of travel, one that is radically committed to the future of our planet, we know that sustainability and performance can forever go hand in hand. With Circle One, we change the way luggage is made. Together, let’s revolutionise travel.


Extended Care

As you travel the world, even the most durable luggage shell can crack. BioX is designed to be repaired, and never replaced, so we will fix it in a way that leaves it stronger than before, turning repaired spots into travel tokens. For true peace of mind, upgrade to Extended Care with a five-year warranty and globally available, carbon-neutral pick-up and shipping service

Under 30? Get 30% off

Making sustainability accessible to every generation

We strive to democratise sustainable travel solutions at large. That’s why every Circle One customer under the age of 30 receives a discount of 30%. This is your moment to help shape the future of travel. Simply message us here before placing your order to verify your age and get your personal discount code. Please note that the Circle One will never be discounted otherwise.

True peace of mind, or just basic care?

Standard Care
Extended Care

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