Leather Goods

Where do you manufacture your leather?

Our premium leather is naturally tanned and handcrafted in Italy by industry experts. As some colours for the Vacchetta leather are specifically tanned for us, they may vary slightly in colour from each production, making each piece truly unique.

My leather wallet got wet, what do I do?

The best solution would be to keep handling your wallet to a minimum. Use a very soft dry wool cloth – so that it doesn’t get scratched – to get rid of excess water, and leave to naturally air dry.

How do I care for my leather good?

Some leathers such as Vacchetta leather are naturally vegetable-tanned, which means they develop and absorb traces of wear over time. As it is an untreated leather, this means it needs a higher protection than other leathers. Our advice would be not to use any conditioners that contain lanolin, and if you do need to treat it, to use a transparent, wax-free leather conditioner oil using a soft white cloth with natural fibres. Please note that this will likely change the colour of your Vacchetta leather.
Other leathers such as Finished Nappa, Nappa, Full-Grain are more resilient to wear. However, to keep them in a good condition, avoid placing your leather goods directly onto the floor, dirty surfaces or near grease during use. When you’re not using your leather goods, avoid placing them directly in sunlight, and store when possible in the cloth garment bag it came in. If you need to care for these leathers, any standard polish used with a soft white cloth will be fine.
For advice on a specific care solution, we’d also suggest you go to your nearest leather store to be best advised on the specific care product you need.

Do you sell care products online?

At the moment, we don’t sell care products, but keep an eye out for if we do so in the future. You can sign up to our newsletter to be informed about future developments.

Why are some products used with different leather for different colors?

A combination of factors affects the production process for our leather goods. For some colours, they are exclusively made for Horizn Studios in a particular leather – such as Vacchetta, which is vegetable tanned by hand. This means a certain colour will always be in Vacchetta leather. For other leathers in the same product that have a different colour, these are expertly chosen by our design team from an aesthetic perspective. Resistance is also another factor: the Finished Nappa leather, for example, is treated with chrome to make it a very resistant, resilient leather, allowing it to be more appropriate for products that are used to more wear on a daily basis.

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