Battery Questions

What kind of battery do you use?

Our integrated and removable battery is a powerful 10,000 mAh lithium battery that can charge nearly any mobile device up to three times. Each battery includes a micro-USB/Lightning adapter with two USB and one micro-USB ports for both the battery itself and your device. It can easily be taken out with the click of a button, to be re-charged before your journey or for security purposes.

Can I take the battery on flights to China/USA?

Yes. You can take our batteries into the cabin of all flights, including China and the US. In the event that you want to check in your luggage, you can easily pop out your battery and bring it with you into the cabin. Please note, most airlines do not allow lithium batteries in the hold.

How do I charge the integrated battery?

Before using the battery for the first time it must be fully charged for 24 hours. After which, your battery will flash a red light when it is low. When you want to charge the battery, you can remove it from your Trolley by pressing its adjacent button to pop it out. Use the micro-USB end of USB charger to charge the battery by plugging the charger into a mains adapter. Wait until all lights are green for it to be fully charged, ready to keep you connected on your journey.

How long does the battery last for?

The battery can charge your mobile device up to six times so that you can keep connected on multiple or long-distance journeys.

Why does the micro-USB adapter have two USB ends?

The included cable is a USB/Lightning adapter, designed to support Apple devices. The micro-USB adapter for Android devices and for recharging the battery is located underneath the Lightning adapter. Simply pop off the top and plug it into your device.

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