General Luggage Questions

Which airlines approve my cabin luggage?

Both Cabin Models M5 and H5 are cabin-approved by all major airlines, so there’s no worrying about extra fees or extra stress. Because airlines do sometimes make individual adjustments to their cabin luggage allowance, we recommend checking with your airline prior to travel.

How do I set the code on my lock?

The combination lock is factory-set to 0-0-0. To unlock your case, set the dial to 0-0-0 and move the slider to the open position. To lock, place both zippers in the lock until they click into place.

To set a new code, lock the zippers and set the dial to the current code. Use a pen to press the reset button until it snaps down into place. Set the dial to your new code, then move the slider to the open position to confirm. Keep your code secure, as you will not be able to set a new code without it.

You do not need a key to open the lock. Only members of the Transport Security Administration, or other authorised airport security staff, can open your case with a TSA-key as part of a security check.

How do I take care of my cabin luggage?

Polycarbonate hard shell:
Our polycarbonate is easy to clean. Simply use a soft cloth or sponge soaked with warm water and a mild soap. Avoid any harsh detergents or abrasive materials to keep the shell looking like new.

White marks on your hard shell can be removed using a standard isopropyl rubbing alcohol mixed with water, using a soft cloth with natural fibres. Please note: most industrial solvents degrade polycarbonate, so do not allow them to come in contact with the hard shell.

Our premium waterproof lining is ultra-durable and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth and gentle soap. Once you’ve wiped it down, leave the trolley open to dry.

Front Pocket:
Our M5 Cabin Luggage’s front pocket is made of both ultra-durable nylon and premium Vacchetta leather.
The Vacchetta leather is naturally vegetable-tanned, which means it develops and absorbs traces of wear over time. However, to keep it in a good condition, avoid placing the front pocket directly onto the floor, dirty surfaces or near grease during use. As it is an untreated leather, this means it needs a higher protection than other leathers. Our advice would be to not use any conditioners that contain lanolin, and if you do need to treat it, use a transparent, wax-free leather conditioner oil using a soft white cloth with natural fibers. Please note that this will likely change the color of your Vacchetta leather.

The nylon can be easily cleaned with a Compressed Air Duster for dust and dirt, or for light oily stains, a wrung non-pilling rag and diluted rubbing alcohol with warm water. If the stain is serious, warm water with dish soap in a well wrung ,non-pilling rag will work, but will likely leave water stains once it dries.

What do I use the front pocket on the M5 Cabin Luggage for?

The front pocket is designed to be easy-to-reach and spacious, so you can stow away up to a 15” laptop, files and devices, whilst accessing them easily, whenever you need to.

What materials is your luggage made out of?

The H5, H6 and H7 have a 360° polycarbonate hard shell that is aerospace quality to keep your belongings safe and sound, with an ultra-durable and waterproof nylon interior.

The M5 has a polycarbonate hard shell with a front pocket that is constructed with ultra-durable nylon and finished with premium Vacchetta leather.

Where do you manufacture your luggage?

We believe in authentically international products, for the international traveler, and our manufacturing reflects the same: our aerospace-grade polycarbonate is made and manufactured in Germany, alongside spinner wheels that are engineered and manufactured in Japan, with premium leather that is naturally tanned and handcrafted in Italy and high-end Nylon made in Taiwan. All of our materials are carefully put together by industry specialists in China to create our signature smart luggage and to be finally shipped out to you.

Which parts of the trolley are covered by the warranty?

Our 5-year warranty covers any material defects, including: cracks or breakages in the polycarbonate shell; broken wheels; defective handles/telescopic handles and zippers. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team.

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