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Horizn How-To:
De-stress Your Journey

Horizn How-To:

For us, the journey matters just as much as the destination. It's opening your eyes to the passing wonders of an ever-changing environment; drinking in the beauty of distant landscapes from the plane window; wandering unexplored city streets and stumbling across your next favourite place. You don’t want the stress of last-minute changes or cumbersome commutes disrupting the view- the right preparation is key.

Enter our ultimate travel duo: the new Cabin Trolley with Horizn Travel Assistant. The perfect companions for the seasoned traveler, they’ll lead you smoothly and enjoyably from A to B, and everywhere in between.

Get Ahead of the Pack

Pack everything but the kitchen sink (unless it’s cabin-sized)! Your Cabin Trolley’s flexible and space-efficient interior compartments will make quick work of the packing process so you can forget the typical organizing stress. We’ve even included a convenient removable laundry bag.


Take it Easy

Misplacing your valuables- or worse your luggage- is the last thing you need on your excursion. Store away your laptop, documents and gadgets in the easy-reach front pocket before you go to save yourself any grappling woes. You can even choose optional GPS for your Cabin Trolley so you can check up on its location whenever you like.


Get on a Roll

It’s the 21st century- travel shouldn’t be a drag. Forget outdated luggage designs and get on a roll: the super-lightweight Cabin Trolley, with first-class 360º Japanese Hinomoto® spinner wheel technology, has you gliding effortlessly and silently over all terrains.


Relax and Recharge

Take a break to recharge yourself (and your tech)- you deserve it. When your phone’s had a power nap with the built-in charger, get Instagramming; we’d love to see where you take your new Cabin Trolley. Just hashtag your photos #TheFastAndTheCurious for a chance to be featured!


Unleash Your Curiosity

This is where the fun begins! Just because you’ve arrived at your destination, doesn’t mean you’re on your own; your Travel Assistant is at hand to give you up-to-the-minute local tips and inspiration. Whether you need to find another hotel or just a cozy cafe with croissants, trust your Travel Assistant to find the best personalized suggestions. You can thank us later.


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