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Essentially Digital:
Our Top Nomad Checklist

Essentially Digital:

Life as a digital nomad is all about living in the moment. Waking up in multiple cities within the same week or exploring exotic locations while you work is exciting and horizon-expanding, but it can also be pretty hectic! When you're a frequent traveler, that little bit of extra planning – and a toolkit of fail-safe essentials – make all the difference to your travel experience. It's all about packing light with a few high-quality, functional items that help your journey to run as smoothly as possible and, most importantly, facilitate work on the go. Prepare for adventure with our top nomad-proof selection.

Your Mobile Home

A Smart Cabin Trolley

As those who are always traveling know: never underestimate the importance of a premium quality suitcase – especially when you're living out of one! The sleek and smart Horizn Cabin Trolley is not only the perfect foundation and protection to your kit, but a veritable box of tricks for the hyper-mobile. This super-tough, easy-gliding carry-on is lightweight and space-efficient, allowing you to easily organize your essentials before and during your journey; whilst clever features, such as the built-in charger, personal Travel Assistant and optional GPS, help to alleviate the typical travel stresses. Oh, and our sophisticated Gold Edition is more than enough to induce a few cases of cabin envy!

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Your Mobile Office

An All-In-One Laptop Case

Whether you're logging in at a co-working space or spending your nine-to-five at the seaside, it's advisable to keep all of your working essentials well-organized and in one place – think of your laptop case as your portable office space. Our finest Italian leather range of Laptop Cases and Briefcases, available in 13 and 15 inches, feature special compartments for your phone, Smart Charger, documents and more, so you can zip up and go at a moment's notice.

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Your Mobile Life-Saver

The Smart Charger

An absolute everyday and travel essential, our stylish leather-encased Smart Charger recharges your phone up to three times so you can always stay connected. Because, let's face it, you simply cannot rely on your phone's battery alone to get you through multiple time-zones, multiple emails and multiple status updates! Why not match your Smart Charger with your favorite Horizn design? There's a specially-designed pocket in all of our bags.

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Your Mobile Security

A Proximity Alert

Prone to forgetting your wallet when you get out the door, or walking off without your handbag or luggage at the airport? Let the Horizn Guard Card come to your rescue! Weighing only 18 grams, it slides effortlessly inside your wallet or bag and uses Bluetooth connectivity to alert you if it's crept too far out of sight. One less thing to worry about when you're mind is firmly fixed on your next adventure – or hunting out that elusive mega-fast internet connection.

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There are certainly many more to add to your packing checklist from Horizn and other innovative brands out there – it all depends on where you're going and how long you're going for. Small accessories such as our Travel Wallet or Wash Bag, for example, are well-worth considering. And, as for the things we haven't invented yet, we'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Go on, drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter!

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