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Digital Nomads:
The World Is Our Office!

Digital Nomads:

Are you a natural-born free spirit? Feeling caged in the nine-to-five? You are not alone! According to The Freelancer's Union, a stunning 50% of us will be freelancers by 2020. The digitalization of our lives has revolutionized the way we work – and especially from where. Drivers of the location-independent phenomenon hail from the Creative Class – the so-called 'digital nomads' – balancing work with wanderlust to realize their travel dreams.

It's all about freedom and experiences

You don't have to work in tech to be a digital nomad – the list of compatible fields is ever-diversifying. Photographers, Developers, Marketers, Writers, Graphic Designers, Stylists, online entrepreneurs...all make up just a fraction of the so-called Creative Class, achieving greater flexibility and autonomy thanks to their innovative and creative skills. And travel is their ultimate aspiration.

We are now prizing travel much more highly than material possessions. Forget saving up for a house and a car like the generations before us; it's all about experiences over ownership and quality over quantity. All we need for our nomadic lives is the perfect tech and travel equipment, such as the Horizn Studios luggage, including a personal Travel Assistant.

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Is the office becoming obsolete?

The ecosystem of online tools and services available to digital nomads is vast and fast-evolving. Cloud-based storage, project management tools and messaging apps have made it easier than ever to share and communicate with clients and colleagues. Survey results from users of the messaging app, Slack, reported an average of 32% increased productivity within their teams, substantially reducing the number of meetings and internal emails. Whilst organization tools such as Trello and Jira allow colleagues to efficiently distribute briefs, prioritize tasks, upload files and keep track of relevant information.

The question is: if more and more employees are utilizing online collaboration tools within the office, is the office becoming obsolete? Statistics are showing that remote employees are more productive, less distracted and more satisfied; in fact, around 60% of today's office-based employees are expected to work remotely by 2022 (Virgin Media Business).


Co-working with monkeys

Co-working spaces are rapidly on the rise, and no longer exclusive to big cities. Great start-up ideas like Roam are promoting the adventure-doesn't-have-to-wait philosophy with their global network of communal living and co-working spaces: sign one lease and you can come and go from any of their international locations – from Madrid to Miami. Another envy-inducing example is Hubud (“Hub in Ubud”) in Bali; boasting huge exotic appeal with its bamboo walls, outdoor café, garden – and its fair share of local monkeys. The thriving community of “creatives, techies, entrepreneurs and businessfolks, changemakers, downshifters and truth-seekers” is over 200-strong and testament to the benefits of a nomadic lifestyle.

It all goes to show that it is no longer so much about balancing work and life, but trying to blur the two; working and living in an environment which fits your personality – that's the real paradise!


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