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Horizn How-To:
Pack For a Weekender

Horizn How-To:

Don't you just wish you could love packing as much as you love weekending? Yeah, we don't think it's possible either. So for those with a little Sarcina Phobia (that's a fear of packing to you and me), we've put together a few quick tips to help you breeze it in no time – even if you're against the clock. Wield your Weekender and get your game face on; your getaway needs you!

Quick prep

We've all made that classic mistake: automatically packing a summer wardrobe because it is, well, summer. Then touch down and snap, it's raining – for the whole few days. Always remember to check the weather before you go so you can pack accordingly; and if you still end up with a case of meteorological misfortune, you really can blame the weather man! Next, write a list of essentials, including electronics and chargers and build up your Weekender from the basics. A travel wallet is a great idea for keeping your passport, multiple currencies, cards and boarding pass in one place before and during your journey.

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Don't stress

Before you start packing, think about what you lived in on your last getaway, and also the things you could have lived without. If you're savvy enough, you can keep your long-weekend wardrobe down to as little as five or six items, simply by selecting a few interchangeable outfit combinations. Bottoms usually last more than one day, and a pair of denim jeans will match with pretty much anything. Day-to-night items, such as a gauzy maxi-dress for the ladies or a lightweight pair of chinos for the guys are a bonus. If in doubt, go for the classics – like a cotton tee and shorts – and don't overlook any occasions or activities that might require something special.

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Packing tips

1 . Wear the same outfit there and back to free-up your bag – think of it as your plane uniform
2 . Put shoes at the bottom of your Weekender and stuff with socks to keep their shape
3 . Roll your clothing instead of folding – it will save space, and creases!
4 . Use a wash bag for your essential travel-sized toiletries and cosmetics
5 . Fill any spaces with small items like underwear and accessories
6 . Safely stow your Horizn Smart Charger and phone into the special pockets to stay charged on the go
7 . If you can never resist the souvenirs, save a little extra room – or use the Weekender's expandable sides when you're there to squeeze more in.
8 . Enjoy the journey!

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Do you have any weekend packing tips? Go on, get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter @HoriznStudios and share your wisdom.

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