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Horizn How-To:
Safeguard Your Bag

Horizn How-To:

Hyper-mobile and connected, many of us routinely carry our lives around in bottomless totes, suitcases and handbags. Cash, cards, keys, phone, driving licence, prescription glasses, ID - important everyday items that are hard to live without yet so often taken for granted… Thus in the unfortunate event you do lose your bag, it can truly be a devastating experience, let alone tedious (and potentially costly) to replace. In one fell swoop not only have your most essential belongings gone, but you risk identity fraud as well as intruders in your home - and obviously you’ve lost the bag itself.

BUT fear not with the Horizn Studios Guard Card!

Get On Guard

This tiny, credit card-sized widget weighing only 18 grams keeps track of your valuables and sends an alert to your phone when it is more than 30 metres away. Just download the corresponding app to your phone and keep this on your person, slip the now activated Guard Card into its designated pocket in any Horizn Studios’ bag, case or wallet - so discreet you won’t even know it’s there - and you’re ready to go!

What’s more, the power-saving battery is rechargeable via USB and only needs to be plugged in once a year. So never find yourself apart from your luggage again or walk out the door without your purse - and if your bag does get lost or stolen, the app can be used to recall its last location.

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Be prepared

Whether you’re home or abroad there are plenty of simple precautionary measures you can take to safeguard your bags and belongings - and here are some you can do right away:

1 . If you have an Apple or Android phone, download the Find My iPhone app or enable the Android Device Manager to enable tracking
2 . Take out cards or keys you don’t use on a daily basis
3 . Make a note - somewhere safe - of all your cards and their numbers
4 . Carry business cards in your bag or wallet so you can be reached if they end up in a lost and found
5 . But avoid leaving anything with your home address on as you don’t want to risk thieves running into your house if they have your keys!
6 . Take out personal possessions insurance, and travel insurance where applicable


Don't panic

And in the unfortunate event your things do get lost or stolen, act quickly and make sure that you:

1 . Call the issuers of your bank cards
2 . Contact your regional credit reporting or fraud prevention agency
3 . Get in touch with your network provider to block your phone, or use the relevant app to lock and/or remote erase
4 . Contact the police to obtain a crime reference number, so you can make insurance claims
5 . If membership cards were stolen, let the issuers know and get them replaced
6 . Change card details on subscription services where required
7 . Get locks changed if you feel you’re at risk…


So be prepared and pop the Guard Card into your bag, wallet or suitcase today, before they rock up on Baggage Battles and the mysterious world of luggage auctions…

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