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How It's Made:
The Laptop Case

How It's Made:

To celebrate the launch of our new laptop case, we’ve documented what goes into the making of a classic. Perfect for work and play, our laptop cases define smart design and portable productivity. Our latest sleeves and briefcases come in a whole new range of colors; available in 13 or 15 inches, with or without handles. Here’s your chance to get to know them inside out!

Made in Italy

Sourced from Italian tanneries committed to minimizing environmental impact throughout production, the Venetian Nappa leather that makes up our full range of laptop bags is selected from the smoothest hides and is buttery soft to the touch.

In the hills just outside Florence, is where the bags come to shape. After rigorous sampling of the final design, the tried and tested pattern is used as a stencil to cut around with a scalpel directly on the leather by hand. Aside from the central compartment for the laptop, our cases have an inner sleeve for A4 documents and pockets perfectly sized for your phone, the Horizn Smart Charger, and your business cards.

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Get a handle on it

Once cut, each piece is then run through a ‘splitter’ machine, which mechanically separates the leather horizontally to ensure a uniform thickness throughout.

For the briefcase design, each handle is made up of two strips of leather glued together with padding between them, then ‘die cut’ so all sides are flush and both handles identical in size. A die is a sharp edged metal cutting device - like a cookie cutter - that cuts through the material beneath it when pressure is applied to it in a pressing machine.

The handles are stitched together for further adhesion, edges burnished with a heated ‘fileteuse’, or soldering iron, preparing the surface to be painted on to seal them completely.


Stitch Up

To prepare the pieces for sewing, the leather is beveled with a ‘skiving’ machine so that the edges are less bulky and easier to sew, ensuring a tighter, neater stitch.

The bag is then put together on an industrial sewing machine with the help of various leather sewing accessories. Seams are strengthened with reinforcing tape and additional strips of leather stitched over the lower corners of the bag for further protection. Once the handles, pockets, lining and double-way YKK zipper - complete with matching leather pullers - are attached the raw edges are meticulously finished with leather binding.


Case complete

Flip the bag inside out, hammer the edges to get the bag into shape and voilà!

For Fall 2016 our new colors are:

Quartz Gray
All Black
All Navy

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