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5 Minutes With:
Jan Roosen, Co-Founder Horizn Studios

5 Minutes With:

What is your main focus at Horizn Studios right now?

Getting the next collection into our shops for Summer - we’re very excited to present new styles and colours for this season so watch this space - and overseeing the first round of production for our Cabin Trolley in time for September, so there’s a lot to look forward to.

Which Trolley feature can you not wait to use?

The removable battery, which will put an end to hunting down and fighting over power outlets at airports. Also the state-of-the-art 360° spinner wheels - finally a trolley that’s smooth, silent and sturdy across all terrains!


We’re on a mission to deliver the most advanced travel experience through our products and services.

—Jan Roosen

Quick-fire Questions

Everyday journey: Cycling down the hill from my Berlin apartment to our office, Horizn Tote on my back
Favorite City: Hard to pick favorites, but generally the bigger the better: Tokyo, Sao Paulo, NYC, London
The last trip: Milan
Worst airport: Rio Galeão when departing - hard to leave such a stunning city when there is little more than a vending machine for distraction
Best airport: Nice
Favorite beach: Ipanema
Best hide-away: My parents' tiny place at the Italian Riviera.
Favorite travel bag: The Horizn Weekender

How is the Horizn Guard Card working out for you?

I don’t really notice it at all because it’s so unobtrusive, and I’m not a person to lose my bag anyway - but I must admit that having it watch over my belongings has been very comforting, whether I’m just going about my daily business in the city or somewhere far away on vacation.

What’s the future for Horizn Studios?

To be the smartest travel brand of the century. We’re on a mission to deliver the most advanced travel experience through our products and services.

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