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Tips For Traveling in Mercury Retrograde


Sometimes, no matter how well prepared you are for your travels, things just don’t go to plan. And sometimes, Mercury is retrograde. This phenomenon, where it appears as if the planet Mercury is moving backwards in the skies due to differing orbital speed and path to our own, occurs three to four times a year - and it’s happening right now. What does this mean for us mere mortals on Earth? Mercury rules travel and communication, signifying how anything in our lives gets from A to B, so when it’s retrograde, don’t expect things to flow smoothly…

Case studies

Whether you’re someone who has no time for astrology, horoscopes and other such supernatural clap-trap or a seasoned occultist, it may behove you take Mercury seriously. Historical travel-related events that fell during retrograde include the wreckage of the Spanish Armada (25.09.1588), the sinking of the Titanic (15.04.1912), and the closure of all roads into Berlin by the GDR (5-10.04.1965) … Coincidence or otherwise, one Horizn Studio staffer’s more recent Mercurial travel debacle involved an unforeseen long-haul cab ride to the airport after a no-show train, only making the flight because it got delayed, for the plane to turn back around two hours later because it was too foggy to land at its final destination - what to blame for this series of unfortunate events other than the alignments of the planets?! Even the rationalists and skeptics among us need an explanation for the unexplainable sometimes.

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What to do

How do you ward off Mercury Retrograde’s negative spell? The very superstitious would advise not to travel at all, bolt yourself indoors and do nothing until the phase passes - but obviously this isn’t realistic for most of us. So be well prepared for travel chaos: expect delays, breakdowns and cancellations. Before you get on your way make sure, more than you would normally, to:

1 . Allow plenty of extra time for travel
2 . Carefully plan your moves, such as re-confirming any appointments and reservations
3 . Have contingency plans, like carrying enough cash to catch any emergency taxis or alternative accommodation options if you’re travelling abroad
4 . Make sure your bags are very secure - Mercury is after all the patron god of thieves so things are more prone to getting lost or stolen under his influence

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Dates for your diary

Because communication failures are rife during this period it’s also recommended that you don’t start anything new - like sign contracts or make major purchases - hence it’s the perfect time to tie loose ends, sit back and muse on life. The good new is you’ve already survived one Mercury Retrograde this year (Jan 5th - 25th) - congratulations! Bad news: there’s still two more to go after the current round… But to keep you seriously well prepared, here are the rest of this year’s retrograde dates, so don’t say we didn’t warn you ;)

April 28th to May 22nd
August 30th to September 22nd
December 19th to January 8th (2017)

Further note: Mercury’s pull can be felt a week or so before and after it goes into full-blown retrograde so do make sure to stay alert in advance!


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