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Double The Thrills:
Flying High in Gemini

Double The Thrills:

Wondering where to travel to this month? Why not use astrology to figure out the optimal place to be! In this monthly feature we’ll be spotlighting three cities that fall under the current star sign, with insider tips on what local denizens get up to there during this time.

Astrogeography, or locational astrology, has been practised since ancient times to study the relationship between the land, it’s features and people. Over time, a number of systems have been used to assign countries and cities with signs of the zodiac; the most basic way by matching a location’s founding date with the corresponding sun sign, as you would your own. From the 21st May to the 21st June, the sun will transit Gemini: the sign associated with youth, playfulness, intellect, as well as restlessness - so little wonder then that these following cities fall under it…


Come June, London finally welcomes some much needed sun and warmth - but still be wary of legendarily fickle British weather! So do as the locals do and always carry an umbrella alongside your sunglasses. As long as it’s not raining pack a picnic and go to the park: if you’re West, pick up a hearty salad from a repurposed red telephone box in Bloomsbury Square freshly made by Spier’s Salads, before taking in the vista atop Primrose Hill; or if you’re East avoid London Fields’ hipster barbecue apocalypse and chill out on the greener pastures of nearby Victoria Park instead. If it’s too hot to be outside - or raining - stay cool and/or dry in one of the many free entry museums London has to offer, including both Tate galleries, the V&A and the British Museum. Make sure to support your local pub by dropping in for a pint or two, or while the night away at Frank’s Cafe and Campari Bar on the rooftop of the Peckham Rye multi-storey car park.


San Francisco

Like London, SF was once an early hotbed of countercultural activity, and vestiges of its bohemian past can still faintly be felt in its iconic, colourful Victorian architecture today - so make sure to cop an eyeful of “Painted Ladies” at Pacific Heights or Alamo Square. Head toward the Mission to enjoy the warmer microclimate of this district, not forgetting to grab a bona fide Mission-style burrito (the sort that has come to define the dish globally) from any one of the many taquerias in the area. Follow this with a requisite digestive nap in Dolores Park: a prime people watching location against a backdrop of some of the finest city views. Come the nighttime, roll over to El Rio, the friendly neighborhood dive bar famed for its diverse clientele and expansive back patio; or if you’re looking for something swanky, try getting into the speakeasy basement at Bourbon & Branch - call ahead to book a table and receive your secret password…!



Down under, in the far reaches of the southern hemisphere, Melbourne is currently experiencing “winter”. Averaging 15°C during the day and a low of 5°C at night, there’s probably no need for thermals but be prepared for some wet and cloudy mornings. So take these slowly, immerse yourself in the coffee and cafe culture intrinsic to Melbourne, with exemplary spots bestrewn across the edges of the city centre; check out the likes of Industry Beans (Fitzroy) or The Premises (Kensington) for some top-notch all-day brunch. Ward off any Melbournian June chill while surrounding yourself with exotic plants in the Tropical Glasshouse at the Royal Botanic Gardens or literally soak up the nature at Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs, Australia’s premier geothermal resort. Live music is the lifeblood of Melbourne’s cultural and artistic identity, so look up a gig guide for the evening, pick a band and get your rocks off!


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