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Created by professionals, for professionals. Introducing the Pro Model ST: the first model of the Horizn Professional Line—co-designed in collaboration with world-renowned tech-house DJ and producer Seth Troxler.

Few international DJs travel more than Seth—a hard-working artist and tireless jet-setter. Seth’s expertise and perfectionism, together with Horizn’s brand ethos of integrating smart travel technology with expert craftsmanship helped create this piece of excellence: The Pro Model ST brings a new level of sophistication and functionality to the demanding DJ travel life.

The Horizn Pro Model ST Trolley is available for pre-order from May 24, and is expected to ship mid of August. Pre-order yours now with an exclusive €100 off—for a limited time only! “Work hard, play hard—travel smart!” – Seth Troxler.


Music straight from the venue, with everything you need right from your Trolley. Designed to be high functioning for the digital DJ, the protective individual compartments lining the interior of the case are held across a Velcro Attachment Panel. Not only is the most valuable of gear kept safe, but equipment is organized from the start, so you don’t have to worry about it later on. Each module is strapped in place and easy to remove when you’re about to start your set. The Pro Model ST also features a handy front pocket with space for up to a 15” laptop, extra cables and a removable pouch for your passport and airline ticket, as well as a detachable headphone case. For those with a soft spot for vinyl, the Pro Model ST also comes with a modular vinyl case that holds up to 25 records and also doubles up as a stand.



We wouldn’t be coined as the “world’s smartest design luggage” if we didn’t step up to the plate. The Pro Model ST has been designed with DJs in mind, and comes with all of our signature smart technologies and design features, from the inbuilt/removable 10,000 mAh battery with a waterproof lid, optional GPS tracking, and a connected iOS app, making sure you’re connected when you need it most, effortlessly getting you from point A to the beat.



For most DJs, it’s not just about showing up with a USB stick; it’s about carrying your valuable equipment easily and safely. That’s why we’ve sourced the best materials from around the globe to create the Pro Model ST. Our premium German polycarbonate is aerospace-grade quality, our top-flight 360° spinner wheels are engineered and manufactured in Japan, and our ultra-durable, waterproof nylon front pocket comes from Taiwan. Our products are designed to go wherever you go—whether you’re simply on your commute or you’re crossing oceans and continents. We want to provide meaningful responses for the ever more digital world we live in. This philosophy is mirrored in the simplicity of our branding: the clear yet dynamic use of horizontal lines and structures. This is travel for the 21st century.



As with all of our products, we forgo lengthy distribution chains to sell directly to you. No middlemen, no insane markups—online first. This allows us to invest more into innovation and quality, all while saving you some serious cash—our products come at about half the price of comparable premium and luxury brands. That way, you can spend more time enjoying your journey, rather than stressing about it.