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The Guard Card

Portable Peace of Mind

Prone to forgetting your wallet when you get out the door, or walking off without your handbag or luggage? Let the Guard Card come to your rescue! Weighing only 18 grams, it slides effortlessly inside your wallet or bag and lets you know if it's crept too far out of sight - perfect for those forever on the go.

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Always on Track

The clever credit card-sized appliance works via Bluetooth connectivity: just keep your phone on your person and, for your peace of mind, you'll receive automatic distance alerts when it's more than 30 metres away.

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The Perfect Fit

The entire Horizn Studios range - from our luxurious Italian leather bags and accessories to our brand new Cabin Trolley - features a specially designed Guard Card pocket so that you can keep your stylish travel companion close throughout your adventures.

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Compatible with iOS7
Power-saving battery only needs charging once a year
Recharge via USB up to 500 times
Cleared for airport security checks