Developments in technology and the increasing digitisation of travel inspire us daily to re-think what we know about luggage. Just as traditional luggage was not equipped for today’s digital nomads, today’s smart luggage needs to adapt to the unique challenges of space travel.

Concept: Smart Luggage for Space Travel

No longer confined to the pages of science fiction, space tourism is an emerging industry that has already taken its first customers into orbit. As we prepare for commercial flights to the moon and beyond, we must also prepare the luggage to get us there: Horizn ONE is a design study by Horizn Studios and Alyssa Carson, the world’s youngest astronaut, to address the needs of the next generation of travel – to space.

Smart materials

  • Graphene-enhanced carbon fibre structure, making it flexible, more robust and lighter than any luggage developed so far.
  • Electromagnetic base, allowing it to secure to the floor or walls of the spacecraft for easy access in zero gravity.
  • Extendable straps so the luggage can be carried as a backpack.

Smart features

  • Graphene supercapacitors and an inductive charging field allow for highly efficient energy storage and wireless charging of electronic devices.
  • Inbuilt smart screen to allow travellers to stay in touch and share experiences via video with loved ones back on Earth.
  • Biometric security lets the user unlock the case with fingerprint recognition.

Smart packing

  • Vacuum function for maximum storage efficiency. As space is a precious commodity on a spacecraft, the luggage can also be folded completely flat when empty to allow for easy storage.
  • A silver-ion enhanced compartment provides a bacteriostatic function, neutralises germs and odour on the space traveller’s clothes.

The Future of Travel

Our mission is to enable curious minds to make the most out of their journeys. Our vision is a world where people travel with ease and constantly broaden their horizons. Alyssa Carson embodies our core values of unstoppable curiosity, daring creativing and open collaboration. She represents the future of travel, and you can read more about her and her journey to Mars in our Journal.

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