Our Sustainability Journey

Shaping the Future of Travel

As a next generation travel brand, we strive to transform the way people will travel in the future. It’s our mission to not only make your journeys seamless but for you to travel with ease of mind, which is why we work hard to reduce our environmental impact and stay committed to social causes we deeply care about.

“For us, Going Further can only mean that we become a driving force of conscious travel. We started out with the aim to provide next generation travellers with a travel wardrobe that lasts forever. Being 100% committed to the principles of circularity is a natural progression.”
Founders Horizn Studios

Circle One

The Future Is Circular

With Circle One, we’re about to introduce the world’s most sustainable luxury luggage. Made in Europe and designed to be repaired – never replaced – the Circle One introduces BioX, our patented hard shell made from a flax-fibre weave. This makes the Circle One lighter than aluminium, longer-lasting than polycarbonate, and greener than anything else on the market. Stay tuned for future updates.


Long-Lasting Materials and Timeless Design

Our promise to you is simple: When you choose to travel with Horizn luggage, backpacks, and accessories, your companions will last for life. In practice this means rigorous testing and quality assurance – and to pay the greatest attention to even the tiniest details.
Because the most eco-friendly product is the one you only have to buy once.

Recycled Materials

Following our vision of a circular travel economy, increasing our share of recycled materials is a key objective for us. The lining and zippers of our luggage are already fully recycled, and so are a number of our synthetic fibres. Like the Chiado and Shibuya lines, for instance, which exclusively feature reused fabrics.

Waste-Free Production

Our luggage production is nearly waste-free, and constantly being optimised.
How? Our high-end virgin polycarbonate offcuts are collected and recycled – when we hand them over to other brands’ production chains, they are given a second life.

Animal-Friendly Production

Our portfolio not only proves that travel products can be high performing, sleek in design, and cruelty-free at the same time, their production also aligns with the guidelines of the animal rights organisation, PETA. We’re proud to be the world’s first luggage brand carrying the PETA-Approved Vegan logo; in 2020, we were awarded their Vegan Travel Award for Best Luggage. Watch out for their logo on most of our styles.

Better Packaging

One of our major sustainability milestones was to entirely eliminate single-use plastics. While our luggage comes to you in reusable cotton dust bags, we deliver our backpacks and accessories in PLA bags, which are plant-based and compostable. Plus, we ship your order to you in recycled cardboard boxes which, of course, are recyclable too.

Carbon-Neutral Logistics

With our production and community spread across the world, it's our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and offset our CO2 emissions. We therefore donate carbon credits directly through our partners who allocate offset fees to verified climate initiatives.

Our Workspaces and Store

Some other small steps with a big impact: Our office and store run on green energy, and we subsidise bike-renting schemes or the use of public transport for our staff. And so the journey continues.