Circle One

The world’s most sustainable luxury luggage

It’s time for a new era of travel, and to radically commit to the future of our planet. For us, performance, design and sustainability aren’t mutually exclusive – they are complementary concepts. With Circle One, we’re about to disrupt travel once again. Made in Europe, this plant-based eco-innovation is built on the fundamentals of circularity: to repair, and never replace.
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Lighter, stronger, greener

Meet BioX, our patented hard-shell innovation. 100% plant-based and biodegradable, it features a multi-density flax weave. Flax is one of the strongest and most productive renewable fibres; suspended in resin, its tensile strength is much higher than that of aluminium. This makes the Circle One hard shell lighter than aluminium, longer-lasting than polycarbonate, and greener than anything else on the market.

From flax to BioX

A fast-growing plant that is cultivated all over Europe, Flax is a real craver of carbon dioxide. It only needs very little water and has few natural enemies, making the use of fertilisers and pesticides obsolete. Turning it into a high-end resilient material and leaving only a small carbon footprint is the biggest material science innovation the luggage industry has seen since the invention of polycarbonate.

Seed and nutshell infused handles

Moving luggage towards an era of sustainable travel, a biodegradable main material is a good start, but we won't stop there. Complete with recycled lining and zippers, the Circle One boasts seed and nutshell-infused handles and a magnesium telescope. Using nutshells and increasing the share of renewable content for each part of the product contributes to achieving the lowest possible footprint.

Always repair. Never replace.

As you travel the world, even the most durable luggage shell can crack. BioX is designed to never see a landfill, so we will fix it in a way that leaves it stronger than before, turning repaired spots into travel tokens. For true peace of mind, upgrade to Extended Care for a five-year warranty and globally available, carbon-neutral pick-up and shipping service.