The details are not the details

Smart add-ons for seamless travel. Think of your luggage and how great it looks with the right companion – besides you, of course. The Packing Cubes are for hassle-free packing. The Tech Organiser to neatly store your cables. Thanks to the Smart Charger, you’ll never run out of power.

Our sustainable products are made from lightweight, durable, and 100% animal-friendly materials.
Smart Price
We’re a direct-consumer brand. This means you shop the highest quality for a radically lower price.
Yes, we offset our logistics’ carbon footprint. We also ship everything in eco-friendly packaging.

Smart accessories for seamless travels

Our mission in life is to make your travels seamless and enjoyable from the start. Luggage and bags were just the start: we want to up your whole travel game. What do you need? How can we bring it into the digital age? What should you wear while you’re broadening your horizons? Shop our smart accessories and wonder how you ever lived without them.