Our Mission

Every product we make is made for the creators, the boundary-pushers and the game-changers. We seek to build bridges and make connections. In our fast-paced world, travel should be easy and every journey an adventure. We seek to enable curious minds to make the most out of these adventures.

What We Believe

We believe in a world without boundaries; in the power of exchanging ideas and co-creation; in a global community based not on geography, race or economic background, but on a shared desire to explore uncharted places, explore new horizons and experience the unknown. We thrive on inquisitiveness, curiosity, creativity and collaboration and seek that which inspires and enables meaningful connections in a world of hyper-connectivity.

The Future of Travel

Horizn Studios has been shaping the future of travel since day one. We are committed to going further, and we’ve set our sights on the next great frontier: space.

As we prepare for commercial space flights, we need to prepare luggage to get us there: how will we pack to travel from one planet to the other? What does smart luggage need to function in zero gravity? How can Horizn Studios make an interplanetary journey seamless?



Whether you’re on your daily commute or crossing continents, each Horizn Studios product is designed to help you along the way. We make our products without compromise, sourcing only the best materials from across the globe to provide meaningful responses to the world in which we live: made in a global community – for a global community.

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