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Creators of
“The World’s Smartest Design Luggage”

Horizn is an international Smart Travel Brand headquartered in Berlin. Our team of engineers and designers develops innovative travel products and services for the digital age, with the aim of making everyone’s journey seamless and enjoyable. We are frequent travelers, digital nomads and design aficionados. We believe in challenging the status quo; moving forwards in a world where travel is easy, every journey is an adventure and curiosity drives us all.

Smart Technology

Every Horizn product has been designed with you in mind. We’ve carefully chosen meaningful features for all of our products, each added to make your travel experience effortless from the start. From our Smart Charger to the GPS, Travel Assistant and proximity alert—we make sure you’re connected when you need it most.

Smart Design

As a design-driven brand, we’ve scoured the globe for the best engineers, materials and manufacturing partners and settle for nothing but the best. Our premium German polycarbonate is aerospace-grade quality, our top-flight 360° spinner wheels are engineered and manufactured in Japan and our leather is naturally tanned and handcrafted in Italy. Our products are designed to go wherever you go—whether you’re simply on your commute or you’re crossing oceans and continents. We want to provide meaningful responses for the ever more digital world we live in. This philosophy is mirrored in the simplicity of our branding: the clear yet dynamic use of horizontal lines and structures. This is travel for the 21st century.

Smart Price

Instead of traditional long distribution chains, we choose to sell directly to you. No middlemen, no insane markups—online first. This allows us to invest more into innovation and quality, all while saving you some serious cash—our products come at about half the price of comparable premium and luxury brands. That way, you can spend more time enjoying your journey, rather than stressing about it.