Our Sustainability Journey

Shaping the Future of Travel

As a next generation travel brand, we strive to be a positive force in transforming the way people will travel in the future. Of course, our role isn’t limited to creating long-lasting, smart products. For you to travel more consciously, we work hard to reduce the footprint we leave behind and continuously increase our commitment to social causes we deeply care about. Dedicated to rethinking the way we live and travel, we hope to inspire your journeys, too – no matter where you are heading.

“For us, Going Further can only mean that we become a driving force of conscious travel. We started with the aim to provide next generation travellers with a travel wardrobe that lasts forever. Being even more considerate of our impact is a natural progression.”
Founders Horizn Studios

Long-Lasting Materials and Timeless Design

Committed to longevity and quality, our promise to you is simple: Designing products that stand the test of time means rigorous testing and quality assurance. We approach the smallest of tasks with perfectionism, paying the highest attention to even the tiniest details. This is what makes Horizn Studios products unparalleled in their quality and design.
After all, the most eco-friendly product is the one you only have to buy once.


Waste-Free Production

Our luggage production is nearly waste-free, and constantly being optimised.
How? Our high-end virgin polycarbonate offcuts are collected and recycled – when we hand them over to other brands’ production chains, they are given a second life.

Animal-Friendly Production

We love animals as much as we love to travel. As of 2020, we have therefore eliminated leather from our production. Our vegan range proves that travel products can always be high performing, sleek in design, and cruelty-free at the same time. We are proud to be approved by the animal rights organisation, PETA. While our leather-based stock is still cleared, watch out for their logo on most of our products and styles.

Better Packaging

While our luggage is being delivered in cotton dust bags, we have eliminated all single-use plastics from its packaging. By the end of this year, we aim to have removed it from all other product categories, too. On top of reusable cotton dust bags, our products are shipped to you in recycled cardboard boxes which are recyclable, too.

Carbon-Neutral Logistics

With our design studio based in Berlin, our production sites based in Asia, our warehouse located in Germany, and our customers living all over the world, it’s our responsibility to continuously optimise our supply chain, and to offset the CO2 emissions for our transportation causes. We therefore donate carbon credits directly through our partners. Offset fees are allocated to verified climate initiatives.

Stop, Drop & Roll

Recycling is the key to avoiding unnecessary resource exploitation. That’s why we encourage you to make use of our free recycling programme, Stop, Drop & Roll. Simply stop by our store, drop off your old luggage – from any brand – and get up to €30 store credit. We’ll arrange for it to be properly recycled, so it won’t end up in a landfill. Then roll on with your brand new, Horizn travel companion, designed to last for life.

Drop it at our Store

Long-Lasting, Thoughtfully-Designed Products

Committed to always going further, we are aiming to work with the most responsible materials and processes available – without compromising our DNA – while our product portfolio offers something for every kind of traveller and destination.

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