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Horizn Studios is a fast-paced digital travel venture based in Berlin. Founded by experienced entrepreneurs Stefan Holwe and Jan Roosen in 2015, Horizn Studios was Europe’s first direct-to-consumer brand in the travel industry and the world’s first brand to integrate a removable charging device and the first to develop a luggage concept for space travel with Nasa. The brand has received special attention off the back of global collaborations with BMW, Soho House, Beats by Dre, many more. Our international team, operating both remotely and out of the brand’s Berlin headquarters, is dedicated to shaping the future of travel. This includes pioneering solutions such as the use of innovative materials which minimize the environmental impact travel has on our planet, so that future generations also have the opportunity to broaden their horizons.

Our Beliefs

We believe in a world without boundaries; in the power of exchanging ideas and co-creation; in a global community based not on geography, race or economic background, but on a shared desire to explore uncharted places, explore new horizons and experience the unknown. We believe in the power of community and of collaboration: together, we can shape the future of travel and enable curious minds to get out there and change the world.

Our Vision

Based on our vision we developed a work culture of collaboration, empowerment, innovation and diversity. We strive for long life learning, flexibility and a dynamic and pioneering spirit within our team. Working in a diverse group of motivated, talented, and visionary colleagues from all over the world we created a workplace where people can feel safe to be authentic and focus on bringing unique ideas together to fuel innovation and work sustainable.
To learn more about our mission, vision, and brand values, visit our Brand Page.

Do you love travelling, care about our environment and always strive to go further? Welcome to Horizn Studios. It’s great to meet you. Our team consists of a diverse group of creative minds from all over the world. As a travel brand, as a team, and as an equal opportunity employer, we strongly believe in the power of diversity and prioritising a hiring process free of prejudice.