Excellence Guarantee

The highest standards of German engineering

Disruptors at heart

We’re never satisfied with the status quo

Innovation is at the core of everything we do. We strive for greatness and obsess over minuscule details to ensure our products are nothing short of revolutionary. We are inspired by some of the most advanced industries in the world, from aerospace engineering to Artificial Intelligence. Creativity and technological disruption are in our blood.

Rigorous German Engineering

What sets Horizn Studios apart

Before we launch a new product, it goes through rigorous testing and quality checks, ensuring you only get it when it’s proven to be a dependable companion you can fall back on for years to come. We approach the smallest of tasks as if they were huge undertakings, with painstaking attention given to even the tiniest detail. This is what makes Horizn Studios products unparalleled in their quality and design.

Only the best

From our aerospace-grade polycarbonate to our waterproof ballistic nylon, every material is carefully chosen by our team of designers and engineers to ensure top-in-class quality.

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Extensive quality testing

Before a product or material gets our approval, it is put through a combination of 40 tests to ensure top-flight quality:

  1. Product safety
  2. Colour fastness to crocking
  3. Colour fastness to water
  4. Colour fastness to UV fading
  5. Water repellency
  6. Abrasion resistance
  7. Stiffness
  8. Tensile strength
  9. Tear strength
  10. Shrinkage
  11. Corrosion resistance
  12. Operational forces
  13. Handle jerk
  14. Strap jerk
  15. Drop test
  16. Tumble test
  17. Telescoping handle free fall/impact
  18. Telescoping handle cycling
  19. Cycle test
  20. Decibel test
  21. Adhesion test
  22. Vertical impact test
  23. Swing arm impact test
  24. Telescopic handle free movement test
  25. HRC test
  26. Durometer test
  27. Flash test
  28. Charge capacity test
  29. Charge / discharge cycle test
  30. FCC test
  31. CE test
  32. ROHS test
  33. Transparency test
  34. Crush test
  35. Burst test
  36. Temperature stability test
  37. Chemical resistance
  38. Mileage test
  39. Gliding ability
  40. Dimensional test
100-day risk-free trial
If you’re not 100% in love after 100 days on the road, send your luggage back – no questions asked.
5-year warranty
This premium luggage comes with a 5-year warranty. Please note that, due to the nature of this product, the hand-applied application may wear over time. Its durability remains unchanged.
Cleared to fly
Our smart chargers are compliant with international flight regulations and can be brought into the cabin of any airline.

Dedicated Customer Service

There is no request too big or too small

Our dedicated customer service team is held to the highest industry standards – there is no request too big or too small. We are convinced that our innovative smart luggage is leading the industry, fusing engineering with design and a smart price like no other. That’s why our customers have the opportunity to try us out for themselves for 100 days – risk-free. After that, our luggage comes with a 5-year warranty – to put your mind at ease.

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