It’s not love, it’s obsession.

When devotion to precision is woven into every journey.

It was an obsession for craftsmanship that was woven into the Glossy Black Edition. Each detail crafted til perfection. Every step, so carefully engineered, that to you, every step feels as smooth as possible. It celebrates the feeling of an effortless journey, only made possible by continuing to push boundaries and constantly yearning for perfection. This line has not just been created for that feeling to last long, but to last more than a lifetime. A masterpiece to the touch.

Lifetime Warranty
Activate your warranty as soon as you’ve received your suitcase – and your travel companion will be covered for life.
Our sustainable products are made from lightweight, durable, and 100% animal-friendly materials.
Cleared to fly
That’s right, you can bring our smart chargers into any international flight’s cabin.