How it works

Simply STOP by our store, DROP off any luggage of your choice, and get up to €30 credit towards any Horizn luggage model. Then ROLL on with your brand new smart Horizn travel companion, ready to go and keep you connected wherever you go. We’re open all week to Saturday — come on by.


Renew and recycle

Not only good for your wallet, but for the environment too – we care about where your luggage ends up, and to that end, we will make sure your traded in trolley is responsibly recycled.


Taking your new travel companion for a spin? Tag us in your photos from around the world on Instagram or Facebook with #StopDropRoll.

Terms & conditions

To benefit from the Stop, Drop & Roll offer, you must trade in your old trolley at one of our stores. After you have given us your old luggage, you can choose your new luggage with €30 off the full price. This is a store-only offer and is therefore not applicable to online orders. This offer is only available for new purchases and cannot be combined with any other offers: existing Horizn luggage purchases are excluded from the deal, and cannot be exchanged for a brand-new discounted suitcase.

Store locations