My Music My Journey with Chloé Caillet

Meet the DJ, producer, and creative director

Music has always been the driving force in Chloé Caillet’s life. Growing up between the UK, New York, and Paris, she drew her first inspiration from the sounds of rock and roll and jazz that her parents played at home. Sonically, she cut her first teeth as a pianist; she joined a band at the tender age of 14. A few years ago, with an established career in music management, she took a leap of faith and taught herself how to mix. Following her heart proved her right: Today, Chloé plays renowned stages the world over – think Glastonbury, Pacha, Burning Man, and Circoloco – and just launched her first EP, Love Ain’t Over. In 2021, she even founded her own record label called XCESS Records.

Three questions with Chloé

Q: How would you describe your sounds in a few words?

A: It’s a vibrant blend of electronic, disco, funk, and afrobeat.

Q: What do you love most about your job?

A: The ability to bring people together through my sounds. To make them dance and lead them on their own journeys.

Q: What’s the best place you’ve ever travelled to?

A: Indonesia is probably my favourite destination. I’ve travelled it extensively – I love it for its biodiversity, culture, food, and so many more things


Thanks, Chloé, for sharing your story with us. You can follow more of her journey here. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of globally renowned voices, coming to your screens soon.

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