Sand, Marine Green & Mint

The destinations that inspired our new summer shades

The sun comes out, summer style comes in and so do the summer destinations. And whilst most sunny mornings might be spent wondering which clothes will help you stay cool in the heat, we wanted to design travel colours that take the thinking and stress out of the equation – colours that happily match every summer outfit, mood and occasion. Have a read on the coastal destinations that inspired the very colours you can travel autopilot with, from this season to the next.

Tulum, Mexico


Miles of beaches and the crystal blue Caribbean Sea. This is exactly what we have longed for all winter and what better way to celebrate its arrival with Sand-kissed travel companions? Spread out the beach towel, bury your feet in the smooth soft sand and feel the sun on your skin or head for a walk along the sandy shores to nowhere and beyond – this is exactly what our M5 in Sand expresses. May the summer never end!


Costa Vincentina, Portugal

Marine Green

Whether you’re a seasoned diver or fresh to the shores surfer, the fun starts as soon as the water gets darker and the waves break. Marine Green stands for the adventurers inside of us that drive our passions Experience without limits: take a dive, come up for air and start all over again. This is the story behind the Marine Green M5.


Ibiza, Spain


Okay, we know that you can go to the sea in any other season. But only in summer – and especially on the shores of Ibiza – does the sun shine on the water to give a very particular glimmer of colour: mint. The Mint colourway is an ode to this idyllic summer shade – one that you can take with you through summer, or even if you are on the road for longer.


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