How To Get A Free Hotel Upgrade

The inside scoop on upgrading your hotel stay

Whether for the weekend getaway, mid-week business trip, or long-haul adventure, we could all do with an extra travel perk in the form of a room upgrade. For the savvy traveller, here are four secret tricks to getting a hotel upgrade.

1. Time Is Money

Choosing when to travel can be the key to a successful upgrade. With less people to cater to, mid-week travelling or flying during low season means there’ll be a higher chance of receiving more perks than not. The less busy the hotel, the more attention spent on its guests – here’s to sleeping on even plusher pillows than planned.

2. Keep them in the know

For those times that your trip away – incidentally, or not – falls on a special occasion, the less discreet the better. Let your hotel know that your stay is an important one of celebration, and you’ll be sure to increase your chances. In favour of full disclosure, planning a trip around an actual special occasion is probably better than pretending it’s your birthday – unless you can avoid handing over your passport to reception.

3. If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get

Sometimes transparency can be the best policy. Politely asking for that seaview you had your eye on – or a different room altogether – adds some merit to your subtle quest for an upgrade. Simply explain that the room you’re given isn’t quite up to the standard you hoped, and take it from there.

4. Until Next Time

As well as a way to return the favour, if you also plan on returning after a successful upgrade – or even an anticipated perk for next time – saying thanks in the form of a good review or a handwritten thank-you will make sure you keep your luck in check for next time.

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