Pack Smarter with These 6 Packing Hacks

Cabin fever? We feel you. Given the current situation in the world, it’s unlikely that we’ll be packing our bags anytime soon. But that doesn’t have to stop us from dreaming about our next getaway—we might not know when exactly we’ll embark on that journey, but we can start planning anyway. For your travel fix, Horizn Studios will not only help you feel even more excited about your future adventures but to up your travel game. Treat yourself to their luggage and travel accessories featuring sleek designs and practical features. To make the most out of your new staples, we’ve put together some of our top packing hacks—travel preparation has never looked this good.

1. Make a List

Some may not consider it as the most exciting thing to do, but preparing a list covering what to pack is an easy travel hack that will make your packing process so much smoother. Organise it by checked and cabin luggage to make sure everything is where it’s meant to be, and tick things off as you go so that you don’t forget about anything.

2. Smart Luggage

Nothing compares to new luggage to get you feeling excited about your next trip. Investing in our Horizn Studios Luggage is not only a stylish way to get your trip off to the best start—each travel staple is also expertly crafted using lightweight materials and is extremely durable along with featuring a waterproof nylon lining to give your valuables extra protection. Combined with TSA-approved combination locks, you can travel with peace of mind knowing that your travel essentials are safe and sound. Plus, our range of Horizn Studios Cabin Luggage is approved for travel onboard all major airlines.

3. Make Use of Packing Cubes

If you’re a frequent traveller, you know the importance of packing cubes as they allow you to keep your luggage neat and tidy, ensuring that you can easily find what you need. Our set of four packing cubes, which are incredibly lightweight, perfectly fits into your suitcase. Plus, there’s even a wet cube that comes with waterproof lining, ensuring any wet items won’t spread to the rest of your luggage.

4. Space Savers

Besides packing cubes there are many other space-saving hacks you can make use of. Pack heavier items, such as shoes, at the bottom of your suitcase to ensure other items aren’t squashed or creased and save room by tucking socks into shoes. When it comes to clothing, opt to roll items rather than fold them. Not only does rolling clothes save a surprising amount of space, but it also makes it much easier to keep track of what you’ve packed.

5. Liquids

Shopping for little miniature toiletries to accompany you on your trip can be wasteful and isn’t ideal if you’re looking to watch your plastic usage. Instead, pick up some reusable travel bottles and fill them up before you go. Also, why not stack your liquids bag on top of your suitcase? This will speed things up when you go through security. Another top tip on the subject of liquids is to carry a reusable water bottle in your hand luggage rather than purchasing a bottle at the airport, which you can fill up before getting on the plane. It’s a much more cost-effective option that also prevents any excess plastic usage.

6. Keep Your Documents Together

Having your passport, boarding passes, and any other documents you might need together in your hand luggage will mean there’s no frantic rummaging in security queues or before you board the plane. If you’re feeling even more organised, why not print hard copies of any booking confirmations for tours, travel, or accommodation, too? While you’ll be likely to have all of this stored on your phone, sometimes it can be easier to reach for hard copies rather than trying to find them in your email inbox, particularly if there’s no internet access.

While it may be a while before we can head off on our next adventure, that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning and looking forward to it—we hope our guide to packing hacks has got you inspired for your next trip.

Written by Amy Jackson - Content Writer at MFVC - 29th April 2020