Airline Size Allowances For Check-In Luggage

Everything you need to know

Before you leave for your next trip, make sure your suitcase complies with your airline's check-in luggage size restrictions. Since almost all airlines have slightly different measurement allowances, here’s a quick and simple guide to the ins and outs of cabin luggage so you have all the information you need at a glance. The most important info: both our Check-In Luggage models comply with all the airlines listed below.

British Airways90754323 kg
Norwegian2507911232 kg
Ryanair8111911910/20 kg
Wizz Air14911917110/20/32 kg

These airlines do not have a specific length, width or depth restrictions for your suitcase. The rule here is that the total added size of your luggage (W+D+H) cannot exceed these dimensions. You can find the total size by adding length, width, and depth together.

AirlineTotal Size (W D H)Weight
Aeroflot15823 kg
Air France15823 kg
Cathay Pacific20332 kg
Easyjet27515/23/32 kg
Emirates30035 kg
Eurowings15823 kg
Iberia15823 kg
KLM15823 kg
Lufthansa15823 kg
Turkish Airlines15823 kg
Vuelingno size restriction15/20/25/30 kg

The Different Check-In Size Luggage Dimensions

British Airways checked baggage

On British Airways flights, you can check in a bag up to 90 cm x 75 cm x 43 cm as part of your free check-in allowance. As on most flights, this can weigh up to 23 kg.

Norwegian baggage policy

When you're flying Norwegian, you are allowed to bring one free item of hold luggage. The maximum dimension for check in luggage is 250 cm x 79 cm x 112 cm, which can weigh up to 32 kg.

Ryanair luggage size

Ryanair's new hold luggage rules mean that you have to purchase an add-on to be able to check-in luggage. There are two options, either up to 10 kg or 20 kg, which have to meet the size requirements of 81 cm x 119 cm x 119 cm.

Wizz Air Baggage Policy

Wizz Air allows you to bring three items sized up to a total of 149 cm x 119 cm x 171 cm onto the flight. This may weigh up to 10/20/32 kg, and you will have to pay for each piece.

Aeroflot baggage restrictions

Like Air France, Aeroflot use the most common size restrictions for checked luggage. You can check in one suitcase with no more than total measurements of 158 cm for free, with a weight limit of 23 kg.

Air France luggage requirements

Customers of Air France are entitled to one free checked luggage item, sized up to 158 cm in total.

Cathay Pacific hold luggage

Cathay Pacific are quite relaxed about check-in luggage measurements. The airline allows you to bring two check-in suitcases sized a combined total max. 203 cm, which can weigh up to 32 kg together.

easyJet checked baggage

easyJet lets you put a suitcase with a combined total size of max. 275 cm into hold luggage. However, the airline does not provide you with free hold luggage space, so you need to purchase one of the three check-in luggage options on top of your ticket, with a maximum weight of either 15, 23 or up to 32 kg.

Emirates hold luggage

On Emirates, the size restrictions allow you to bring a bag with a max. total size of 300 cm with a maximum weight of 35 kg. However, unlike on easyJet, this is included in your ticket price. In case you are flying to the Americas or have a flight originating from Africa, make sure to check the website as a different concept applies with a maximum total baggage size of 150 cm. You can find this information here under the 'piece concept' section.

Eurowings luggage allowance

Same as for Lufthansa: On Eurowings flights, check-in luggage may be up to 158 cm total. As on most flights, this bag may weigh up to 23 kg.

Iberia hold luggage

Iberia lets you bring one check-in bag with a total size of max. 158 cm, outside of your cabin luggage. If you plan to bring another suitcase, we recommend booking it in advance on the Iberia website, for 50% less than at the airport.

KLM Airlines Baggage Policy

The included check-in baggage on KLM allows you to bring an item sized up to a total of 158 cm onto the flight. This may weigh up to 23 kg.

Lufthansa checked baggage

Lufthansa’s rules for check-in baggage are quite similar to most of the European airlines. Approved measurements are 158 cm total and your luggage can weigh a maximum of 23 kg.

Turkish Airways baggage allowance

Turkish Airlines allows one piece of free check-in luggage sized up to a total of 158 cm. The weight restrictions are a little tighter, meaning that you can bring a bag weighing max. 23 kg.

Vueling airline baggage limit

When you're traveling with Vueling, the size and weight requirements are as follows: A maximum weight of 15, 20, 25 or 30 kg, but no size restrictions. However, you have to purchase an add-on for each piece of luggage that you want to check-in.

Maximum Weight for Checked Luggage

Depending on the airline and the class you’re flying, there are different weight limits for your check-in luggage. Whilst one free piece of luggage up to 23 kg is allowed on most airlines, some airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet charge for the first bag that you want to check-in. In premium economy or business class, allowances are more generous, but this also depends on the airline.

A Tip for your Long Haul trip

Before you start packing, our travel tip would be to bring along a suitcase that fits all airline requirements, so you won't have to worry about size at all. If you want to really travel in style, you can purchase a luggage set. Both are nearly indestructible and designed with your needs in mind, such as a removable charger that keeps you connected on the go. In case you're traveling with both a cabin and a check-in bag, you can refer to our cabin luggage size guide to find out what you can take on board.

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