Where We Are Travelling

The holiday spots we’re heading to this summer, and the essentials we’re bringing with

Being on the pulse of where to go this summer might be a challenge – unless, of course, you’ve already got a few places up your sleeve, thanks to Horizn Studios. We asked a few of our team which summer destinations they’re heading to this year, how they like to travel, and what must-have items they’re taking with. From the idyllic mountains in Bulgaria to Greece and Palma de Mallorca, here’s seven destinations Horizn Studios has their eye on this season.

Nicholas – Brand Editor

Destination: Sifnos & Milos, Greece
Origin: California, USA

My family is originally from the Seychelles, so I am an islander through and through. As such, I’ve made somewhat of a tradition out of spending my summer holidays on the Greek isles. The sun, the sea, the amazing food and that special rose-gold light that makes everyone look gorgeous – there’s something about the energy on the islands that really slows time down.

This summer, I’m heading to Sifnos and Milos. I never really plan much more than my flights, though, because part of the appeal of the Greek islands is the spontaneity you're afforded. I have a weak spot for fabulously designed hotels, and there’s no shortage of them there, so I tend to wait until the last minute to catch some great deals (this method only works if you travel in the off season, however, which I’d highly recommend anyway). During the day, you’ll typically find me lazing by the sea, reading and napping in-between dips in the crystal waters. I usually have a lengthy lunch at a local taverna, feasting on the tastiest tomatoes and olives and whatever the local fishermen caught that morning.

I’ve been working on travelling lighter (something I generally struggle with, which is why I almost always bring along my H6 Check-In Luggage, even for the shortest of trips), but there are a few things I can never leave home without. I keep a journal to keep track of the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met. I’m also an avid reader (my job requires it), so I always travel with a couple of magazines and books. A good pair of headphones are also a must for any trip – I’ve currently been listening to the Horizn summer playlist a lot. And no matter where I’m headed, one of my first stops is a local grocery store or food market. I love experiencing local flavours.

Andrew – Senior Production Manager

Destination: To be decided, Europe
Origin: Connecticut, USA

To be honest, there’s a lot on the list for me. I’m from the States and very new to the European continent so I definitely plan to explore with my wife and son wherever and whenever possible this summer. I’m just not sure where yet! I fly to China about once a month for Horizn and we just spent five days in Barcelona and later this month we hope to visit Italy, but from there, who knows… I’m looking forward to the new adventures ahead. I’ve travelled to great places like Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Costa Rica and Jamaica to name a few – so I’m really interested to see what’s coming in Europe. For the moment, getting lost in the countryside of Vietnam on a motor bike has been one of my favorite travel experiences.

When I’m on the road, I generally always pack an eye mask – I like darkness when I sleep – vitamins, and a Horizn power bank. I like to plan my trips in advance – even if it annoys my wife, who’s more spontaneous. And I prefer hotels to stay in, even though for the last 3+ years, my wife and I ran an Airbnb apartment back at our home in Vermont, so I have the Airbnb experience but just from the other side. Either way, the first thing I do when I get to a location is unpack my Kōenji Wash Bag and place it in the bathroom. It’s the small details.

Amanda – Affiliate & Marketplace Manager

Destination: Palma de Mallorca & Florence
Origin: Adelaide, Australia

I’m travelling with friends to both Palma and Florence thanks to their recommendations – I’ve never been before. And that’s usually how I travel, to be honest, by recommendations and either favouring a spontaneous weekend away or a trip that requires some advice and thought...coming to Germany from Australia, for example, does take a little bit of planning!

I am, however, a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to what I pack and do in every place I visit. I always pack ear plugs because they’re the unsung hero of travel items, my Horizn M5 in All Black (goes with... everywhere) and a good book. I’m a light packer though so I can always bring back more souvenirs. And I always get an Airbnb and eat some local food wherever I go – no chain restaurants!

Lauren – Copywriter

Destination: Polkovnik Serafimovo, Bulgaria
Origin: London, United Kingdom

I’m going to Bulgaria for a festival in the mountains. I’ve never been before but I’m looking forward to this feeling of being far away from my usual surroundings – I mean, I’m literally on a mountaintop where it will be sizzling hot during the day and cold at night. I’m a city girl, so I’m intrigued about plunging myself into this kind of environment, let’s see how I fare! I’m packing a vintage alpaca wool coat from Ecuador (where half of my family is from) to keep me warm.

I’m usually more on the spontaneous side when it comes to travelling. For Berlin I just booked the trip, then figured out the rest when I was there, based on intuition, recommendations and whatever I pass by along the way. To be fair, I always pack my phone and Smart Charger (my Dad would testify that I need this thanks to countless dead battery nightmares), so that helps, too. I also always pack a notebook – usually Moleskine – and a pen because, as cliché as it sounds for a copywriter, I usually do a small bit of writing in every new place I travel to. Either that, or I find out the way the new place I’m in does coffee.

Jasper – Business Development Manager

Destination: Föhr
Origin: Kiel, North Germany

I’m about to head to the place I always went to when I was little: Föhr! It’s this great little Frisian island in the North Sea. For a change, I’m going with friends this year. I’m more of a planner when it comes to my holidays because it guarantees a good mood, even though I do think the best holidays are the ones you do without any expectations… I do like a spontaneous Airbnb booking now and again. With Föhr, I like the fact that it feels like home to me – whether it’s the morning chit-chat at the local bakery or walking along the island and coast. It’s really relaxing and that’s exactly how I like to travel.

I’ll definitely be packing some wellies for when I want to get some fresh sea air and walk along the coast. And, of course, I’ll be bringing my three classic items I bring with every trip: my iPhone, a white t-shirt and the Travel Hoodie to save me against the rain...Gotta have some comforts wherever I go! And I’ll be doing my usual activity I do no matter where I am in the world – go for a run.

Alessandra – Product & Sourcing Manager

Destination: Berlin for now, Italy for later
Origin: Milan, Italy

Berlin is amazing in the summer so I will definitely stay here, but I’m going on holiday to Sicily in September, specifically Palermo, Levanzo and Favignana Island. I’ve never been to these specific places before, it was actually a flip of a coin but I can’t wait for the amazing sea, great food and Italian time away.

I’m going with a small group of friends from Berlin and we’re planning to have a big party, Italian style! So this time I’ll pack a fancy dress, for sure. Other than that, I’m never without sunscreen, my Wash Bag (from HS) which I always use for the beach to keep all my important belongings together, and a book and loudspeaker which is always the best entertainment for me.

Overall, I’m definitely a spontaneous trip-goer. I like to plan my trip day by day and I don’t really have one thing I do in every place. Maybe just that I always try to see the sunrise at the beach at least once.

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